Partnerships, Not Parachutists, for Zika Research

  • Author: David L. HEYMANN, M.D., Joanne Liu, and Louis Lillywhite, M.B., B.Ch

  • Publisher: The New England Journal of Medicine

  • Type: Article

  • Posted: 18/03/2016

  • Theme: Research

  • Subject: Infectious disease

  • Language: English

Attached is an article about research partnerships for Zika. One of the authors of this article, David L. Heymann is a member of the board of Fondation Mérieux and president of Fondation Mérieux USA. He also chairs the WHO emergency committee on Zika epidemic.

The article emphasizes the importance of partnerships for Zika research and the fact that researchers often work independently while they should collaborate and coordinate more. The article offers a framework that can overcome such obstacles.

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