I-Lab: using mobile and web technology to streamline the sharing of epidemiological data and strengthen surveillance of infectious disease in Senegal

  • Author: Fondation Mérieux USA

  • Date: August 2015 - September 2017

  • Posted: 21/06/2016

  • Type: Announcement

  • Language: English


The I-Lab project in Senegal provides automated tools for the collection of clinical laboratory data to improve epidemiological surveillance in West Africa that has been hindered by insufficient reporting of quality laboratory results. The project utilizes mobile phone technology and web platforms to transfer epidemiological data from the laboratories across Senegal, facilitating quicker detection and promoting faster response to biothreats and pandemics. In the long-term, the objective is to equip the seven countries of the RESAOLAB West Africa laboratory network with I-Lab, enabling collection and sharing of data across the region.


I-Lab will be implemented in up to 120 laboratories across Senegal. The project engages public and private laboratories in the country to report weekly on 12 diseases (viral hemorrhagic fevers, malaria, schistosomiasis, meningitis, yellow fever, shigellosis, cholera, poliomyelitis, HIV, STIs, measles, and tuberculosis). I-Lab uses the free, open source DHIS2 platform to align with health information systems widely used in West African countries and to limit the post-implementation operational costs.

I-Lab Senegal is funded by the Skoll Global Threats Fund and carried out through a partnership between Fondation Mérieux USA, Fondation Mérieux, PATH, and the Senegalese Ministry of Health.

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